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Ballroom "Lindengarten"

"LiGa" - the charming short name for our imposing "Lindengarten" ballroom, which should conjure up a happy ringing in the ears of Dresden locals. When a brewery bar was founded here at the end of the 18th century, probably no one thought that many dancing shoes would still be seen on this floor. The "Lindengarten" blossomed into the "place to be" for theater performances, concerts and cultural events of all kinds.

We are more than proud to be able to offer this Dresden gem for special celebrations, festivals and events. And there are almost no limits to the fantasies. The ballroom lighting equipment lets every event - from the exhibition to the festive evening event - shine in the best light.

Room Features

  1. Approx. 500 m²
  2. 20m x 10m x 25m (W x H x L)
  3. Stage
  4. Large wing doors
  5. Flooded with light
  6. Accessible by car
  7. Special lighting concept


Capacity information
Chair dancing

  1. Theatre: max. 450 persons
  2. Parliamentary: max. 330 persons
  3. U-shape: max. 80 persons
  4. Banquet: max. 350 persons
  5. Festive reception: max. 450 persons
  6. Board: max. 80 persons
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