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You haven't been to Dresden before you've made a detour to Dresden Neustadt! The great thing about it: with a sleepover in your mightyTwice Hotel Dresden, you're already as good as at the place to be! A short walk separates you from the gateway to the lively mile in Neustadt around Alaunstrasse and Luisenstrasse. In addition to some historical buildings and squares worth seeing, Dresden's Neustadt is also known for its vibrant culture and nightlife.

You'll see that Dresden Neustadt is the perfect place to explore and experience Dresden intensively. We will take you on a journey with us!

Good to know
The most important facts about Dresden Neustadt

The city district of Dresden Neustadt consists of the districts Äußere Neustadt, Innere Neustadt, Radeberger Vorstadt, Leipziger Vorstadt, and Albertstadt. Don't be confused by the name "Neustadt" - the district north of the Elbe has existed for just as long as the Altstadt on the opposite side. However, the district had to be rebuilt after a fire in 1685. Thus the place became the "Neue Stadt bey Dresden", i.e. the New Town. The baroque architecture still characterizes the cityscape today.

The trendy district of Äußere Neustadt

Äußere Neustadt, also known as Antonstadt, was incorporated as a district in 1835. However, the district did not experience a boom and thus its heyday until the turn of the century, which is why most of the buildings are characterized by Wilhelminian architecture. 

At the end of the Second World War, Äußere Neustadt, in contrast to the rest of Dresden, was largely spared destruction. During the GDR era, the buildings in the old district were not renovated and became increasingly dilapidated. Thus the district developed into a run-down part of town where it was very easy to get a flat. For this reason, students, artists, followers of various subcultures, and creative people, in particular, were drawn to the area - the outer Neustadt became an alternative scene district.

Despite the gentrification that followed the redevelopment work that started in 1991, Äußere Neustadt is still a trendy nightlife district today. So if you're looking for art and cultural events or want to throw yourself into the nightlife, Antonstadt is the right place for you!

Don’t know much about history

Just like the rest of the city, Dresden Neustadt also has some historical sights up its sleeve. There are several buildings and monuments that you should definitely visit on your tour of Dresden Neustadt.

Golden Horseman

The Golden Horseman is the most famous monument in Dresden and depicts August the Strong, a Saxon elector and King of Poland. It has stood at Neustädter Markt since 1736, pointing down the main street towards the historic Neustadt.

Pfunds Dairy

The "most beautiful dairy shop in the world" was opened in 1892 by the Pfund brothers. It is known for its impressive interior, lined with hand-painted tiles by Villeroy and Boch. A real eye-catcher! You can also shop there for regional specialties and other little things.

Japanese Palace

This historic building in Dresden's Inner Neustadt got its name from the design of its roof, which is based on the Japanese style. Today it is home to the Museum für Völkerkunde Dresden. You can also observe the restoration work during guided tours of the building.


Also in the Inner Neustadt is the Dreikönigskirche church, built in 1739. The characteristic tower was added more than 100 years later, in 1854 to be precise. If you are sporty, you can climb up the 87.5-meter-high jewel of the Protestant church.


Just behind the Golden Rider, which faces the main street and thus one of Dresden's most famous shopping streets, is the Blockhaus. The building was originally the accommodation of the Neustadt guard.

Neustadt flair
Other things you can do

The tour of Dresden Neustadt is not over yet! The district has a few more attractions to offer. Here are our tips on what to do during your day trip to Neustadt.

Military History Museum

The Military History Museum of the German Armed Forces is one of the most important history museums in Europe. Here everything revolves around the question of the causes and consequences of war and violence and the stimulation of a corresponding social discourse. The journey is short: the museum is located directly opposite our hotel.

Neustadt Market Hall

If you are in Neustadt, you should definitely make a detour to the Neustädter Markthalle. The historic building from the Wilhelminian period lends a very special flair to the shopping experience.

Baroque Quarter and arts and crafts arcades

The quarter around the historic Königstraße is still characterized by baroque architecture and atmosphere. The arts and crafts arcades located in it are full of small shops offering art, fine crafts, and unusual products.

Kunsthof Dresden

In the middle of the trendy district Äußere Neustadt, a series of connected backyards were revived about twenty years ago with a unique concept. Each courtyard has its own theme, which is reflected in the colorfully designed façade.

Cafés and trendy eateries

If there is anywhere with a colorful selection of small, cozy cafés, fancy restaurants, and gastro concepts, it is here! The full range of international cuisine is available here. On busy days, it can get quite crowded, so reservations are recommended.

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