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Are you looking for the perfect offer for your stay in Dresden? Then you are exactly right here! Our specials show you the city in all its glory: whether on an interactive scavenger hunt to the hottest spots in town or a virtual journey through time through the exciting history of the city - we let you experience Dresden up close and authentically.

Take a look at what our hotel has to offer for your trip to Dresden. We assure you: There is something for everyone - GUARANTEED!

Our offers for you:

And much more
Your city trip to Dresden

As you can clearly see from our hotel's offers, it is close to our heart to help you experience Dresden in all its glory. A city trip to this beautiful city is always worth it! Especially Dresden Neustadt is known for its diverse cultural life and exciting nightlife. And the good news: At mightyTwice Hotel Dresden, you're sitting right at the source. It's just a short walk away from us - and you're right in the middle of all the action. 

A special world awaits you all over Dresden, ready to be explored. Look forward to a wide range of sights such as the Frauenkirche, and the Residenzschloss as well as numerous gardens, parks, and much, much more!

A quick getaway
Your short vacation in Dresden

Even though this city has so much to offer, you'll certainly get your money's worth on a quick getaway in Dresden! The possibilities are so numerous that you can easily put together a quick program that's sure to be a hit.

Whether it's sightseeing tours, bar and restaurant visits, or sporting adventures - Dresden has such a wide range of leisure activities to offer, that there's something for every trip!

mightyTwice Dresden
Your perfect base

So, can't wait to explore Dresden? Our hotel's offers make it easy for you. And that's not all! What would a stay in Dresden be without the necessary comfort? Our wide selection of rooms offers you everything you need:

» super cozy furnishings in blue or green tones
» (USB) socket at the bed
» wardrobe
» full-length mirror
» desk
» 49-inch TV 
» Lazy Canapé.

Choose one of our hotel offers in Dresden and select your favorite room in our hotel - and Dresden is yours!