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Sights in Dresden

Sightseeing - The best way to discover a city and its history. Dresden is filled to the brim with sights. It's easy to lose track of everything! So that you know exactly which stops you should make on your sightseeing tour, we have put together an overview of the most important must-sees.

Let's go
The Top 5 Sights of the Old Town

In Dresden's Old Town, architectural and historical highlights literally line up one after the other. These top 5 Dresden sights should not be missed on any sightseeing tour of the city:

Dresden Church of Our Lady

Dresden's Frauenkirche is a particularly impressive example of European architecture. After its destruction at the end of World War II, only its ruins stood for decades on Dresden's Neumarkt. Since reconstruction work was completed in 2005, it has once again graced the cityscape with its magnificent flair.

Semper Opera

Dresden's Semper Opera House is THE star among German opera houses. It is the home of the Saxon State Orchestra, one of the most traditional and best-known orchestras in the world. You can admire the magnificent interior during a concert or a guided tour of the building.


The effigy of the 35 margraves, dukes, electors, and kings of the Wettin dynasty stretches 102 meters long. The Procession of Princes consists of a total of 23,000 porcelain tiles, making it the largest porcelain mosaic in the world.

Dresden Residence Palace

A real highlight of Renaissance architecture! The carefully restored interiors house numerous exhibits. Particularly interesting: the architectural style was influenced by several styles. All in all, definitely worth a day trip!

Cathedral of St. Trinitatis

The largest church in Saxony is a masterpiece of baroque architecture and is bursting with architectural gems both inside and out. The former Catholic court church also houses 49 sarcophagi of Wettin princes and the heart of August the Strong in its crypt. 

Other sights in Dresden's Old Town

Of course, there are other popular buildings in the Old Town besides our top 5. You can find the most important visitor magnets in this table:

Important Baroque building and landmark of the city.
Brühl Terrace & Fortress
Beneath the balcony of Europe lies the seemingly subterranean fortress.
The most famous square in Dresden's city center.
The oldest market square in Dresden.
Academy of Art
Exhibition building and seat of the Academy of Fine Arts.
The Renaissance building now houses the state art collection.
New Synagogue
Award-winning building on the site of the old synagogue, which burned down in 1938.
Main Protestant church and residence of the Dresden Kreuzchor.

Dresden Royal
Castles in the City

The impressive Residence Palace in the Old Town is not the only palace in Dresden. Quite pompous! Our tip: Rent a bike and take a tour along the Elbe cycle path to Pillnitz Palace. On the way, you can stop off at the three Elbe castles. Sightseeing in Dresden can be so easy!

Albrechtsberg Castle

The first stop on the tour: Albrechtsberg Castle. It was built in 1854 for its namesake Prince Albrecht of Prussia. It is a real jewel of late classicist architecture, built in the style of Roman Renaissance villas. Today the palace is used as a venue for art and cultural events.

Lingner Castle

The Lingnerschloss or Villa Stockhausen is located between the other two Elbe castles and is therefore the second stop on our tour. It was built for the chamberlain of Prince Albrecht. The name Lingnerschloss comes from Karl August Lingner, who owned the villa from 1906.

Eckberg Castle

The last of the three Elbe castles was built in the English neo-Gothic style. A special highlight is the large garden and the 25-meter-high observation tower. The castle is now used as a hotel.

Pillnitz Palace

The last stop on the palace tour. Pillnitz Palace was the summer residence of the Saxon royal family and is the largest chinoise palace complex in Europe. The huge palace park invites you to stroll and relax.

Green, green, green are all Dresdeners ...
Gardens & Parks

There is definitely no shortage of green spaces in Dresden. Perfect for escaping the big city feeling in between times. We recommend visiting the following green oases in Dresden:

Great Garden

As the name suggests, this is the city's largest park. One could even say the most beautiful. This is certainly due to the baroque style of the grounds. In addition to beautiful avenues, you can see the early Baroque palace, the park theatre, the open-air stage, and the gondola pond. 

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden has been located on the grounds of the Great Garden since 1893 and is home to some 10,000 plant species from all corners of the world. The open-air grounds include several greenhouses with plants from tropical regions.

Garden City Hellerau

The garden city was founded over 100 years ago and is characterized by greenhouses and flowering gardens. It is located directly on the Dresdner Heide, a large wooded area that is one of Dresden's most popular natural regions.


Also located in the Great Garden is Germany's fourth oldest zoo. The approximately 13-hectare facility is home to over 200 different animal species.

Last but not least
Other highlights in the city area

Have you already checked out everything worth seeing in the center of Dresden? Don't worry, that's not all! There are still a few sights waiting for you in the rest of the city. Here are our favorites:

Dresden Neustadt

The district on the right bank of the Elbe is made up of several neighborhoods. All the facts about Neustadt, its sights such as the Golden Horseman or the Pfunds Molkerei, as well as an excursion to the trendy district of Äußere Neustadt, can be found on our overview of Neustadt Dresden.

Blue Wonder, suspension railway, and funicular railway

The Loschwitz Bridge, the Blue Wonder, is a real landmark of the city of Dresden and is characterized by its blue steel truss construction as a so-called stiffened suspension bridge. Also in the Loschwitz district, you will find the world-famous, oldest mountain cable car in the world. From the top station of the funicular, you can enjoy an excellent view of Dresden. Sightseeing in Dresden with a difference: because here Dresden itself becomes a sight.


The former tobacco factory was built in 1909 in the oriental style of a large mosque. What makes this building special is the glass dome and the chimney in the shape of a minaret.

Glass Manufactory

The Transparent Factory is a VW production facility. The transparent architecture offers very special insights. There are also guided tours of the exhibition and production area.

Museums in Dresden

In Dresden, you will also find a number of well-known museums that are definitely worth a visit. You can find all the information about the most popular museums in the city in our overview of leisure activities in Dresden.


Time to relax!
Finished sightseeing in Dresden?

As you can see, there is a whole lot to discover. Sightseeing in Dresden is an unforgettable experience - but not without its challenges! At the end of your tour, you should ideally find comfortable accommodation where you can recharge your batteries for the next adventure. At mightyTwice Dresden, you've come to the right place: you can look forward to the best breakfast in town, a range of individual rooms to suit every taste, a unique design concept and a practical location close to all the main sights!

A little tip to finish: our hotel complex was built around the historic and simply beautiful "Lindengarten" ballroom - so we are practically a sight ourselves!

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