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You can stay anywhere in Dresden, but nowhere is it as wonderfully uncomplicated, cozy and a bit crazy as with us - guaranteed! Come in, look around and make yourself comfortable. We'll put a lot of beats on your eyes. That's right, on your eyes ... because you get to see a whole lot from the world of bass, beats and melody here: trumpets that give you light; music stands that hold your clothes; and records that serve as a table for you. With us, everything revolves around one thing: music, music, music - which can be heard, felt and, above all, seen.

We breathe new life into supposedly obsolete objects. And decorate every corner of our premises with it. Here you have the opportunity to touch music, to live music. . You will find out: "once is not enough", because with us everything is twice as nice! mightyTwice Dresden is its own little world.


TickTack, how time flies! It was only 1891 when in the Königsbrücker Str. 121a a popular dance club evolved. Wait a minute, that's exactly THE location that our twiceHotel calls its own!? Exactly, today's hotel complex was built around the historic ballroom - today known as the "Lindengarten".

The enlightenment came quite quickly that we have to give this historical beauty our best. That's why, from now on, we're bringing music history to life - true to the motto "funky beats since 1891"! Let's show the "youth of today" that there are not only MP3 songs ;)

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Spring 2022

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history lesson

But wait a minute – what is all this fuss about the “Lindengarten” all about? It all began with master brewer Samuel Gottlieb Naumann, who acquired a brandy license from the city of Dresden in 1869. A few years, a few breweries and several drinks later, he started building a brand new bar right on Königsbrücker Straße 121a. Lo and behold: The Lindengarten was born!

The years passed, the Lindengarten was renovated and mutated into the most popular event location in the area. And even survived the Second World War! Imagine concerts, theatrical performances, dance events ... and that over decades. That's why we're still honoring more than a century of funky beats at Königsbrücker Straße 121a in our design hotel in Dresden!

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