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In Bonn there's always something happening

The next trip to Bonn is already scheduled, but you have no idea what's happening in the city? No problem! We know exactly which events, activities and landmarks Bonn has to offer. Find out about interesting Bonn facts and the most important must-do's for your city trip to Bonn.

Bonn City
Your new favourite city along the Rhine

If you've never been to Bonn, you're definitely missing out! To help you score points in small talk during your visit to Bonn, we have summarised the most important facts about Bonn City for you here.

A short recap of Bonn's history

Fancy a bit of history? Then Bonn is just the right city for you! This little spot on the Rhine already was an important hub for the Romans. So after the famous Varus Battle, they built the Bonna legion camp – one of the largest legion camps of the Roman Empire – on the originally Germanic settlement. And by the way, it is still largely preserved today and lies beneath the Bonn-Castell district.

A few years later, in the Middle Ages to be precise, Bonn then gained increasing importance and became a centre of intellectual life. Later, the city even became the residence of the Electorate of Cologne.

Fun fact: In the 11th century, Bonn was also called "Verona" - the church would have preferred to impose this name. However, the people of Bonn did not want to see this through and the city kept its original name.

After being occupied for several years by the French Revolution, Bonn then belonged to Prussia until 1945.

Capital city vibes

Let's move on to what is probably the most important event in Bonn's history: its time as the capital of the German Federal Republic. After the end of the Nazi regime and the Second World War, occupied Germany needed a capital city in which to govern until the country's political situation had settled down. A temporary capital, so to speak. Frankfurt was actually the favourite candidate for this. However, there was a disadvantage, as Ernst Reuter pointed out at the time: "If Frankfurt becomes the capital, Berlin will never become it again".

And so Bonn was elected capital in 1949, not least thanks to its biggest fan: Konrad Adenauer. Although the city was initially ridiculed in its new function by the rest of Germany and other countries, it asserted itself as the seat of government over the next few years. Thus, in 1969, the city's landmark was built: the so-called Lange Eugen, the House of Representatives and at that time the tallest building in Bonn.

A few decades later, the capital era came to an end. After reunification, Berlin became the official capital again. This went against the grain of the Bonn population – they feared for the economy and jobs. Any hope that Bonn could retain its function as the seat of government was dashed in 1991. The German parliament voted to move to Berlin.

Where the lifestyle is easygoing

Fortunately, Bonn was very well prepared for the end of its time as capital back then. It was the start of a rosy future. Six federal ministries continue to be located in the city. Today, the region has successfully established itself as a location for science and culture. Bonn is also considered one of the arts capitals of Germany – pretty cool.

But it is mainly because of its unique flair that Bonn is one of the most popular cities and travel destinations in the country. Characterised by international structures, the student scene and an immense cultural and event infrastructure, the city is a metropolis and a mecca for tourists from all over the world.

We say: Bonn belongs on every bucket list!

World famous
Bonn celebrities

Over the years, some famous personalities have paid a visit to Bonn. Even Casanova is said to have stopped by the city. However, the city has hardly produced any celebrities of its own. However, one of the most famous people in the world was born there: the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. At the age of 22, he moved to Vienna; his birthplace in Bonn's old town is one of the most visited musicians' museums in Germany. Today, the Beethoven Orchestra and the annually celebrated Beethoven Festival in Bonn are the main reminders of the gifted composer.

There is another nationally beloved celebrity whose birthplace is the city of Bonn: the "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" (Black Forest Cake). This was invented by a Swabian confectioner in Bad Godesberg - back then still a city in its own right - in 1915. Work up an appetite? At Café Schöner am Fronhof, the cake is still baked today according to the original recipe.

Fun fact: Some famous products were also invented in Bonn and the surrounding area. These include:

• Haribo Gold Bears
• Birkenstock
• Ink eraser
• True Fruits Smoothies
• Paper punch
• File folders

Well, who knew?

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