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Sightseeing in Bad Godesberg

Bad Godesberg - the home of our tinyTwice in Bonn. The former spa town used to be home to particularly wealthy citizens. This can still be seen today in the architecture and the townhouses in the villa district. Since its incorporation in 1969, Bad Godesberg has been one of four districts in Bonn.

Things to do in Bad Godesberg

While you're already there, you should definitely check out these activities and sights in Bad Godesberg:

Walk in the Kurpark

The city park with its extensive green spaces invites you to take a stroll. Like a small oasis of relaxation, the Kurpark lies in the centre of Bad Godesberg. And best of all: our hotel is located directly on the edge of the Kurpark! When you cross Kurfürstenallee, you can continue your stroll in Redoutenpark.

For the sweet tooth: HARIBO factory outlet

The famous Gold Bear was invented in Bonn! Even though the official company headquarters have since been relocated, Bad Godesberg still serves as the production site. A trip to the factory outlet is worthwhile for anyone with a sweet tooth: here you will find a huge selection and products that are sometimes not available in retail stores. You can find the exact location on the map at the bottom of this page.

Strolling through the pedestrian zone

Whether you fancy a bit of shopping or want to treat yourself to some street food delicacies: The Bad Godesberg pedestrian zone is a real attraction - it's well worth a detour and it's only a stumble away from the hotel!

Ahoy! A boat trip on the Rhine

Discover Bad Godesberg and Bonn from a new perspective on a scheduled cruise or tour by boat. Especially when the weather is nice, the city's waterfront looks simply magical. You'll find the landing stage on the banks of the Rhine at the Panoramapark, right next to the historic Bastei. So you can chug along to Bonn City in complete relaxation. Or how about a tour of the Siebengebirge? Well then: cast off!

Your sightseeing tour through Bad Godesberg

When it comes to historical landmarks, Bad Godesberg is right up there with the rest. After all, Bad Godesberg's history » goes back thousands of years. In this overview you will find all the places you should visit on your sightseeing tour. By the way, they are all within easy walking distance of our hotel.


First things first: The Godesburg is the namesake of the city district and thus its most important landmark. The 800-year-old castle offers a perfect view over Bad Godesberg, the Siebengebirge and the Rhine valley. Also worth seeing: the adjacent castle cemetery with graves of some important personalities.

La Redoute

The ball and concert house in classicist style is not only a real eye-catcher, but also serves as a venue for particularly exclusive events nowadays. Right next door is the " House on the Redoute", a former chamber theatre that is now used as an exhibition venue.

Rathaus in der Kurfürstlichen Zeile

If you are a fan of classicist architecture, Bad Godesberg is really the place to be. The town hall consists of six houses lined up next to each other, which were also built in the style of this era. Incidentally, these were originally built by Elector Max Franz as lodging houses.


The bastion directly on the banks of the Rhine in the Panorama Park looks like a small castle. In the past, tickets for the adjacent steamboat landing stage were sold here. Today it houses a restaurant and is thus the perfect stop when your stomach starts rumbling on the sightseeing tour.

Bad Godesberg mineral springs and Draitsch well

The two drinking water springs, the Kurfürstenquelle and the Draitschquelle, are said to have a health-promoting and healing effect. The Draitsch Spring was made into a well in the 18th century and turned Bad Godesberg into a health resort. You can fill up on water from both springs for a small fee at the drinking pavilion.

Michael Chapel

Every sightseeing tour must include at least one church building! Our last recommendation for an impressive sight in Bad Godesberg is therefore the Michael Chapel. Here you can visit the magnificent interior in baroque style.

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