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A bit of fun is a must
Supporting program

After a long period of time, when meetings were only allowed to be held digitally, it now is the time to do something for corporate cohesion, isn't it?

With our partner Deepwood Experience, we can offer our conference guests a variety of supporting programs. From sporty to tricky, from tasty to challenging - we have put together some of the highlights below. You can find the entire range in the supporting program booklet under "downloads".

We are happy to forward your request for a team event to our partner Deepwood.

We bring a mobile escape room to our hotel!

Anyone who knows the popular escape rooms knows that tricky tasks, creative thinking outside the box and multiple decoding of locks, cassettes and suitcases await the participants.

The mobile escape room can be set up in almost any room with little effort and promise pure puzzle fun.

Duration: up to 2 hours
Price: from €55 net p.p. (excl. additional costs)
Package price: up to 12 people from €660 net (excl. additional costs)

Let's give the whole event a gin... um, sense!

After a short, theoretical introduction to the world of gin, it's your turn! Take vodka and juniper berries and use them to create the basis for your own compound gin. There are also other ingredients such as cloves, citrus fruits, herbs & co to give the whole creation a special kick. Enjoy!

Duration: up to 3 hours
Price: from €70 net p.p. (excl. additional costs)
Package price: up to 12 people from €840 net (excl. additional costs)

An ideal treat for all project managers among you! We will take you to a nearby lake or river and then it is time to build the bridge yourself. Together with the guides you make the decision whether it should be a classic rope bridge, Burma bridge or Golden Gate bridge.

Duration: up to 3 hours
Price: from €65 net p.p. (excl. additional costs)
Package price: up to 12 people from €780 net (excl. additional costs)

A little bit of wine is always good, isn't it?

At this sommelier event, a lot of useful knowledge about wine, its aromas and specifications is imparted. After the theory session, the knowledge acquired can be applied directly in practice: Five white and five red wine varieties are tasted and, with the help of small clues, are to be assigned to their grape variety as well as their growing region. And don't worry: even the biggest "wine layman" will be helped here.

The "wine event" can be ideally combined with a dinner.

Duration: up to 3 hours
Price: from 65 € net p.p. (excl. additional costs)
Package price: up to 12 persons from 780 € net (excl. additional costs)

Even if it looks like less mental effort and more like fun, curling actually requires a high level of strategic thinking. ... At least if you want to have a chance at the title.

In a wintry atmosphere, an enjoyable afternoon with colleagues is guaranteed. Depending on the weather, the curling rink can also be covered and illuminated.

Duration: up to 2 hours
Price: from 60 € net p.p. (excl. additional costs)
Package price: up to 12 persons from 720 € net (excl. additional costs)

Do you want to improve your teamwork skills? With a training tailored to your company and the challenges it may face due to conflicts, mergers or leadership changes, you will be helped to strengthen your teamwork. Buzzwords: communication, trust, conflict management and strategy development.

Duration: according to your wishes
Price: individual - depending on the type, duration and scope of training

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