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Conference package

Why should we reinvent the wheel when it works best anyway? That is why we also offer our popular conference package, as the ideal framework for your conference or business meeting.

Our conference package includes:

  • Rent for the main conference room
  • Standard equipment in the booked conference room: 1 x beamer, 1 x screen, 1 x flipchart, 4 x pin boards, 1 x moderator's case, WiFi, writing materials for each participant
  • Freshness kick through coffee break with sweet, salty and healthy snacks (half day: 1 coffee break | full day: 2 coffee breaks)
  • Unlimited drinks in the conference room and for lunch (apple juice and mineral water)
  • Light, vital lunch (lunch buffet or 2-course menu) - our kitchen team ensures a powerful start into the afternoon


Half-day package with 1 coffee break: from  EUR 53.00 per person
All-day package with 2 coffee breaks: from EUR 59.00 per person

Further options:

  • Beamer incl. beamer table and screen: EUR 75.00 
  • Screen: EUR 15.00
  • Flipchart: EUR 15.00 
  • Pin board: EUR 15.00
  • Presenter's case: EUR 35.00
  • Handheld microphone: EUR 35.00
  • Clip-on microphone: EUR 50.00
  • Smoothie bar: EUR 4.50 per person
  • Lunch menu as 3-course menu instead of 2-course menu: EUR 5.00 per person
  • Vital mueslibars & energieballs: EUR 5.50 per person
  • Original English breakfast: EUR 7.50 per person
  • Donut and muffin bar: EUR 6.00 per person
  • Mini sandwiches, bagels, baguettes, sandwiches: EUR 4.50 per person
  • Sausage snack with pretzels: EUR 5.50 per person
  • Candy bar: EUR 6.00
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