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Brunch Dresden
Better than breakfast & lunch solo

We're really good at BREAKFAST - so it's time to extend the start of the day even further. What better way to celebrate this than with an extensive brunch!? So there it is: Our Dresden Brunch! :)

We invite you, your family, friends, buddies and good acquaintances to brunch with us in Dresden Neustadt. An extensive brunch buffet awaits you, which contains various cold and warm breakfast and lunch components and makes the time fly by in no time because of the sheer feast.

Our brunch offer:

  • Fresh rolls, bread and toast
  • Delicious jams from Faller as well as cheese and cold cuts
  • Vegan selection of spreads and cold cuts
  • Muesli from crunchy to oatmeal and toppings from goji berries to walnuts
  • Milk alternatives such as lactose-free milk and soy milk
  • Fresh fruit, fruit purees, smoothies and yoghurt
  • Antipasti selection
  • Delicious pasta
  • Coffee specialties from the fully automatic machine, Ronnefeldt tea selection, infused water and plenty of juices
  • ... and and and ...

Our brunch currently takes place on selected, special days. You can find an overview of the upcoming brunch dates below.


Who would you like to have brunch with? Get in touch with us by phone on 0351 8063-0 or by email at and reserve a table for one of the current brunch dates.

Our next brunch dates

Pull out your diary and quickly remember the next dates for our brunch! Sometimes a holiday brunch, sometimes a brunch for the ladies (guys, you are of course also very welcome ;) ) - we always come up with something special for you.

All about Brunch

Since when do we love to have brunch in peace and quiet so much? This can hardly be dated exactly. But no matter - the only thing that is certain is that the term "brunch" is made up of the two words "breakfast" (breakfast) and "lunch" (lunch). The Perfect Anglicism in Anglicism. ;)

As the saying goes? - Brunch "kills two birds with one stone" - i.e. two meals combined. What may be cost-saving for some is the perfect combination of typical components of both meals for others and promises a more relaxed and, above all, extended start to the day.

Since Sunday is usually the day of the week with the most free time available, brunch has also established itself as the typical Sunday morning activity. But public holidays are also often used as an opportunity to invite people to a holiday brunch. Because here is enough time to plan. Just a croissant and coffee for breakfast ... at most a small appetizer for brunch. Sufficient time is taken here to chow through from breakfast to lunch. After all, the time in between is often used for time with family or friends: socializing and feasting properly - that's brunch!

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