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Hotel Achern

It's going to be magical!

Our fourth twiceHotel takes us to the legendary Black Forest, more precisely to the small, tranquil village of Achern. Are you asking yourself "Achern - where?"  The small pin on the map is located less than 20 kilometers from the major cities of Baden-Baden and Offenburg in Baden-Württemberg. Instead of being in the middle of the big city, the mightyTwice Hotel Achern makes itself at home just outside. The best stories can be told here, can't they?

So, let's get started ... Once upon a time ...

Mission statement
"Twicy tales made in Schwarzwald"

Good night sleep

Would you like some bedtime reading to help you fall asleep? We are happy to fulfill this wish! In our 123 ultra cozy rooms, you can expect the finest feel-good atmosphere. But whether you prefer to sleep cozy, comfy, tasty or roomy - it's up to you to decide. But no matter which of our rooms you choose: You'll love it, guaranteed!

You can definitely look forward to this:

✓ Air conditioning
✓ (USB) socket by the bed
✓ Full-lenght mirror
✓ Desk
✓ 50 inch TV
✓ Shower
✓ Lazy canapé
✓ WiFi

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